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  • This month’s food focus is: 
    • Navel oranges get their name from the belly-button formation opposite the stem end.
    • Oranges and clementine are popular during the Chinese New Year because they are a symbol of luck and good fortune.
    • Grapefruits got their name because they grow in clusters, just like grapes.
    • Sailors and pirates long ago ate lemons to cure scurvy (a disease caused by a lack of Vitamin C)!
    • An orange tree can grow to reach 30 feet and live for over a hundred years.

    Simply Good 2014-2015 School Year Promotions:


    As we begin the 2014-2015 school year, Chartwells School Dining Services is pleased to introduce its new Simply Good campaign, a year-long schedule of promotions and special event activities implemented to encourage students’ selections of USDA approved meals.

    This year’s new Simply Good program consists of five individual campaigns throughout the school year to build excitement in the cafeteria for elementary, middle and high school students throughout the school year. These exciting promotions aim to improve school meal participation and educate your elementary, middle and high school students about the importance of eating healthful and balanced meals. 


    We have 5 individual campaigns planned throughout the school year:

                • Celebrate Your Hometown Specialty – September / October

                • Dining Around the World in 60 Days – November/December

                • From Cafeteria to Community – January / February

                • Breakfast is for Everyone – March

                • Choose to be a Locavore / Eat Local – April / May


    We hope that you are able to stay in touch with us and to contribute your thoughts on our blog.  Watch for additional details about these events on our menus.

     There is also a public facing site for this campaign at  

      We’re looking forward to a great year ahead.  We hope that you will support Simply Good and our efforts to create fun and inviting dining environments within your schools.


    Universal Breakfast

    Breakfast = The Key to Academic Excellence

    It is imperative that every student have a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Food is the fuel that provides energy for the task of learning. Eating breakfast helps assure that the energy is there for learning, physical growth and development. Evidence is increasing to support the view that kids who eat breakfast perform better at school. Breakfast is KEY to academic excellence and a healthy balanced diet. Breakfast literally means “breaking the fast” and as this may be up to 16 hours there is no doubt that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is particularly true for active, growing school children who have high energy, vitamin and mineral requirements. Eating a nutritious breakfast helps children get the daily nutrients they need and can help develop good eating habits.

    From an education perspective:     
    Studies have shown that eating breakfast improves children’s problem-solving abilities, their memory, concentration levels, visual perception and creative thinking. International studies have shown that punctuality and school attendance improve when breakfast is provided. 

    From a health perspective:
     Eating a healthy balanced diet is crucial to everyone’s health, especially children. It has been suggested that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet surveys reveal that up to 1 in 10 children regularly miss breakfast. Breakfast provides the ideal opportunity for children to begin the day by eating bread, other cereals, fruits and vegetables, which are all important elements of a healthy and balanced diet. (Surveys persistently show, for example, that we don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables, and fruit at breakfast may be a good opportunity for children to eat more). An appetizing and nourishing breakfast may mean that children are not tempted to eat sweets as frequently — eating sugary foods often can increase the risk of dental cavities. To encourage students to eat a healthy breakfast, we will be running Universal Breakfast at all of the School District’s elementary schools. Universal Breakfast means that breakfast is FREE for all elementary students. The School District is able to provide this through Government reimbursements. The Rochester School District isn’t subsidizing the free breakfast from other funds.

    If your child does not eat breakfast at school, we encourage you to consider having him or her do so.  

    If you have any questions about this program, or would like more information about our breakfast menus, please contact Tom Tanner at 332-0757 ext. *2129.  

    Breakfast is important every day—not just test day!

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