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  • Payment Options at Weymouth Public Schools

    Weymouth Public Schools uses a computerized point of sale (POS) system to execute and track student purchases as they pass through the lunch line at each school in the District.  Students are required to show student id each time they make a purchase.    If a student has funds pre-loaded onto their account their purchase is automatically deducted from those funds' balance.  Students may also pay cash for purchases. Students that are eligible for free or reduced price meals will not be overtly identified at the POS by the cashier.  Their eligibility and the subsequent cost of a meal is attached to their student account There are several ways to add funds to a student's cafeteria account.

    Students may give the cafeteria cashier cash to pay for their purchases or add to their account at the POS. 

    Students may give a check or money order to the cafeteria cashier made payable to "Weymouth Public Schools".  Checks should have the student name noted in the memo portion of the check.  Checks may also be mailed  to the Food Service Office at 1 Wildcat Way, Weymouth, MA  02190.

    Student accounts can be accessed on-line by going to and setting up payment options by following the prompts on the website.  In order to set up student accounts on-line, each individual 8 digit student ID is needed.  The student 8-digit ID can be found on the student ID card, on the documents brought home by your student (progress report at WHS, MealpayPlus letter at the middle and primary schools) or can be obtained by calling the school office or the food service office at 781-337-8430.  Please note that mypaymentsplus charges 4.75% for the convenience of prepaying on-line. 

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