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  • Nourishing students is not only our business; it is our commitment to the communities in which we serve. Chartwells is a diverse family of dedicated food and nutrition specialists serving the academic community. We deliver customized solutions that benefit our partners through innovative programs.

    When it comes to innovative nutrition programs, no one serves students better than Chartwells. As the leader in school dining services, Chartwells has the experience and insight to provide carefully planned and well-balanced meals that appeal to student appetites.

    Our passion for good food isn't limited to the cafeteria. We know the lessons learned in school will guide a child throughout their lifetime. So together with a balanced, delicious meal, we also offer an exciting range of educational tools that help your students make wise, informed decisions. Eat. Learn. Live. is the foundation of all that we do in school foodservice education.

    Eat. Learn. Live. is the foundation of the Chartwells philosophy. It’s our single-minded commitment to building strong bodies and sharp minds and establishing the framework for a long, healthier life. Our approach combines an attractive and fun dining environment with nutritious, popular menu choices, and education programs that promote healthy eating habits in a way that appeals to each age group. It is our goal to make a difference in your cafeterias, your classrooms, and your community.

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