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Chartwells School Dining Services brings fresh ideas and innovative concepts to school dining. We know mealtime needs to be fun and delicious, built around the kind of high-quality foods and fresh ingredients designed to energize and satisfy students on-the-go. Our passion for good food isn't limited to the café. The lessons learned in school will guide a child throughout their lifetime. So together with a balanced, delicious meal, we offer an exciting range of cafeteria events and educational tools that help students make wise, informed decisions.

Throughout the school year we will provide seasonal culinary and nutrition events, and new product introductions, to enhance variety and freshness



Elementary School: The Kids Stop Cafe

The Environments Experience at elementary schools revolves around the Chartwells philosophy of Eat. Learn. Live. The goal is to provide a dining space that achieves a safe and efficient traffic flow, where teachers and staff have a clear line of sight for supervision. The presentation is visually stimulating, with structured choices and service methods. Signage is straight forward, directing students to the foods they are looking for.

The Elementary School Environment at a Glance:

  • Fun and visually stimulating atmosphere
  • Upbeat and bright color scheme
  • Uncomplicated graphic messages
  • Nutritious menu choices


Middle School: The Food Action Café

The Environments Experience: We know that middle school students love lunch for the sociability first and food second. AT our middle school cafeterias we prioritize speed of service, offer foods that are seen as sophisticated, yet easy to eat. Out Core stations are set in an open and inviting setting that conveys energy and excitement.

The Middle School Environment at a Glance:

  • Energetic atmosphere with powerful shapes and electric colors
  • Signage provides directions for students to ease traffic flow and ensure speedy service
  • Healthy and nutritious meals



High School: The Café

The Environments Experience: At the high school we’ve created a high school dining environment that is sophisticated, yet fun, with an efficient traffic flow. Our high school Environments features popular concepts and trendy foods students are used to seeing at their favorite fast-casual restaurants, malls, and entertainment venues.

The High School Environment at a Glance:

  • Sophisticated, trendy atmosphere with floor graphics, wall colors, artwork and banners that you might find in a restaurant setting.
  • Open and welcoming floor layout with a variety of seating options
  • Optional music piped-in through a controlled CD player or a standalone computer can be incorporated
  • Popular, yet nutritional sound, foods offered



Simply Good is our annual promotions program that focuses on nutritious school meals, student wellness, and customer satisfaction.. Through special events and activities, students learn about the importance of eating healthy, balanced meals, and locally-grown foods. This program was developed by a team of food service directors and was student tested and approved.

Simply Good has a culinary focus and emphasizes fresh, wholesome meal options, especially those with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.